Welcome to the VEDCC Website.

You will find important information and resources about home construction in South Louisiana in this site.

The goal of the Virtual web Energy Demonstration Construction Center (VEDCC) at the University of Louisiana

at Lafayette is to provide relevant information on energy and efficient building practices to targeted groups that live and work in Louisiana.

Experiments and demonstrations will be selected based on the people's needs/demographics of the State. The virtual lab will be linked to construction sites, building materials manufacturers and suppliers, subcontractors on job sites, and to the center's virtual construction laboratory. In addition, due to technology development and existing electronic linkages to individuals and groups outside Louisiana, a nationwide presence will occur and be promoted.

How to use this site

The menu bar on the top will bring you to the main categories that this site provides.

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Please visit our sponsor which is located on the bottom of every page. This project would not be possible without funding from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.



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